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At Simcoe Dental, we have created our practice around families as we understand the significance of dental care that is well-matched for each member of our patient’s families.

A person should start learning healthy habits at a young age. Your child’s very first visit to the dentist should be around the time when his or her baby teeth begin to erupt (or grow in.) Dentists usually recommend that kids pay an initial visit to their dentist at around the age of 3. We aim to make dental visits fun for kids so they can learn about & properly apply, oral health without becoming apprehensive.

During our teenage years, people are often more careless than we are during adulthood. Certain lifestyle changes, such as paying attention to proper nutrition, can affect our oral health. This underlines the importance of scheduling regular dental visits – They are necessary to avoid the problems we overlook.

As adults get older, we start experiencing changes in the appearance of our teeth. Further to the maintenance of our healthy teeth and gums, you should feel at ease and talk to your dentist about undergoing cosmetic treatments, when applicable, as they are effective, readily available and can make a major difference in your professional and personal life.

Seniors also have specific needs as they age. Dry mouths, certain gum diseases and numerous medications affect older generations’ oral health differently than younger generations’. Even people with dentures need regular dental checkups so as to ensure that the gums and supporting jaw bones remain healthy.

Preventive family dentistry will help ensure that each member of your family maintains a pristine level of oral health.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for you or your child’s dental checkup, teeth cleaning, toothache or anything else that involves your smile! Remember that regular checkups not only keep teeth clean, they offer a comparatively painless way to ensure that oral health complications are identified and treated early-on.

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